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Evans Rockin’ Hot Sauce is your friend!

Carefully made in small batches, our sauce is packed with flavor and completely free of added sugar and preservatives. It’s suitable for vegans and gives a gentle kick to all your favorite foods!


Evans Rockin’ Hot Sauce is brought to you by BLEACHERS saxophonist Evan Smith. Hi it’s me, Evan Smith.

I love to cook, and before I became a touring musician I made my living in kitchens. In 2017 I started making condiment gifts for my bandmates as a way to keep my kitchen skills sharp between tours. With rave reviews and enough encouragement I started a business to bring my hot sauce to the people. Our community has been growing ever since.

Is that all? No. I make every batch of ER’HS by hand in Maine, where I live. The medium-heat sauce balances the punch of Fresno chilies and garlic with the smooth sweetness of banana and a distinctive combination of supporting flavors. It’s vegan and free of added sugar and preservatives.

ER’HS is a premium quality sauce with a unique taste you’ll reach for every day!